Getting Your Bitcoin code review Tested Through an Open Source Software Review Site

There is a lot of buzz right now about the upcoming release of the Bitcoin code review. The idea of it is that any new changes to the code that might be beneficial to the public will be submitted for a review. The new code can then be released into the public and tested to see if it really does work.

Bitcoin code review very important issue

One very important issue that has to be addressed before the code is ever released is that of fraud. Any time there is a company that promises to give the public a good idea of what they can expect when using the technology, they will most likely be running scams. This is why it is important to make sure that the companies doing the reviews are legitimate and that their process is fool proof.

There are three different companies that will be submitting the code. The first one is called the Open Source Software Foundation and the second is called the Linux Foundation. Both have their own set of requirements for the submissions but the general rule is that it has to be open to scrutiny.

The third option for getting the code tested is by applying to an open source project. All it takes is for someone to create a fork of the code and then submit that to the open-source foundation. If everything goes smoothly, the entire code is then open for the public to check it out.…