Is It Bad To Never Wash Your Car?

For the average individual, washing your car is one of those jobs you may not care to do all that frequently, but what occurs if you never wash your car? Is it truly worth the trouble of discovering a vehicle wash from time to time, or purchasing soap and vehicle wash gear?

While you may incline driving around with a dirty automobile, it can eventually cost you a fair bit of money if you neglect or neglect your lorry.

The fact is, not cleaning your automobile is bad for several factors because dirt is abrasive, and can gnaw at your vehicle’s clear coat with time. This can trigger extra problems, like rusting, pitting, fading, and can even threaten if visibility is impaired.

It is similar to the skin on your body if you believe in a clear coat on a car. It secures what’s beneath and is the very first line of defence versus dirt, acid rain, bird droppings, small rocks, and almost anything else that you can think of. And read the article for more information.

Here is what will happen if you do not clean your vehicle routinely:

Dirt And Gunk Starts To Accumulate

The more you delay a due vehicle wash, the more you risk your cars and truck’s appearance. Take a look around your car, and if you identify dirt and gunk getting stuck in the cars and truck parts and small fractures, it is time to clean your car instantly. If you don’t wash your car correctly, dirt and gunk will begin to maintain moisture leading to rusting of car parts.

Scratches On Car Paint

As an accountable automobile owner, it is your job to take every preventative measure to extend the longevity of the vehicle’s paintwork. Even the most long-lasting and pricey cars and truck paints will eventually start to flake and scuff if you stop working to clean your vehicle regularly.

Harmed Outside Finish

Car paint and wax play a major function in maintaining the exterior finish of your car. Rather than letting your vehicle fall prey to fast wear and tear, take the step today and get your cars and truck cleaned by experts.

Resale Value Is At Stake

If you’re working hard to protect your car’s paint job by washing it frequently, then when the time comes for you to offer or trade your vehicle for an upgrade, opportunities are you’ll remain in great shape. Buyers will without a doubt check in on the car’s condition before purchasing, and if your car and truck have rust, bubbled paint, or even dirt on the outdoors, it’s an instant red flag.

If any part of you believes you’ll be selling your car, even in the long run, you’ll wish to keep it in as prestigious of conditions as possible. The best way to do this– clean the outside and interior of your vehicle frequently. This will assist make sure that the resale value of your cars and truck is as high as you anticipate it to be.


One of the worst effects of not washing your automobile is rust. Every car has tiny scrapes and scratches to the paint surface, even some that can’t be seen by the naked eye. As a result, contaminants can get inside those scratches and start doing damage to the frame of your cars and truck. Water, bird droppings, and pollutants from the rain and the air can all get in these scratches and cause rusting to occur. The longer you avoid cleaning your car, the more time these toxins need to harm your car’s frame and cause rust to happen. There is no chance to fix rust, and as it builds up, it can make your automobile frame weak, cause your paint to peel, and reduce the value of your car.


Why You Should Go to a Larger Tire Dealers in Brisbane

tyre dealers Brisbane

If you want to buy new tyres for your car, it’s advisable to take your car to a tyre dealers Brisbane location. They will be able to install the new tyres for you, based on your original manufacturer’s specifications. These dealers will also do any necessary maintenance that may be required to keep your tyres in good condition. You can even order custom tyres from them if you can’t find what you need at the dealership.



Buying new tyres is more important than you might think. Your tyres are the most important part of your car. It isn’t just the width and price that you need to consider, but also their durability and other traits. The more expensive your tyres are, the more likely they are to last longer. But even budget tyres can have issues if they aren’t maintained correctly, so it’s important to get an understanding of how and when your tyres are best serviced.


In general, you should take your car to a tyre dealers Brisbane location once every 6 months or so. This is how often that vehicle gets its tyre inspected. This is also a good time to do some preventive maintenance as well. For example, you may notice that there have been noticeable changes to your vehicle since you took it out of storage. If it was covered with dust, then that would indicate that it needs its tyres serviced soon. You may also notice that it seems to be working a little better now than it did before.