Ultimate Guide on Buying Handmade Sitting Buddha

Commonly, people feel inspired by Buddhist teachings and they usually buy a small or even big Buddha statue for their home or office.

If you are planning to learn Buddhism or simply wants to decorate your house, garden, office room with beautiful Buddha statues because of their beauty and symbolism, I believe this article will be really helpful for you. 

In the following paragraphs, I will show you what things should be taken into consideration when buying a standing/sitting Buddha statue and how to not get scammed by the seller.

In short, big Buddha statues are expensive and they aren’t affordable for many people. So, to ensure the authenticity of the buddha statue you want to buy, read this article carefully.

If you search on Google “cheap sitting Buddha” or something like that, you will find a lot of stores that offer beautiful statues for relatively cheap prices.

However, I don’t recommend buying Buddhas from China because in many cases we can get scammed by Chinese sellers when we order such stuff online through webshops (e-commerce). Here is an article about how to buy handmade sitting Buddha safely.

The main trick on buying and of course to avoid being scam: Do not buy Big Buddha Statues under $100; otherwise it’s probably a fake product. There are plenty of large-sized cheap Buddhas on eBay, just do a simple search and you will find them.

Now you will learn more about this particular product and why it’s important to inspect your buddha statue before buying if you don’t want to get scammed!

 So let’s start with what should be evaluated in handmade sitting buddha:

 1) Materials used for making the statue

2) Size of the standing buddha  (height, weight)

3) Statues Weight (to calculate shipping costs)

4) Authenticity of your buddha statue                                       

1) What material should be used for making a Sitting Buddha Statue:

Material is the key factor in determining the authenticity and price of a sitting buddha. The materials which are usually used for making a real buddha statue include Bronze, Brass, Copper, Terracotta, Stone and Sandalwood.

Sandalwood sitting buddha is also called Ushnishavijaya (Indian name), it’s very popular because its colour resembles a red cherry. In Buddhism, sandalwood incense sticks are burned for many purposes from removing bad smells to creating good energy at home/office etc.

Have you ever seen Buddhist monks lighting incense sticks in their hands when they are meditating? If you noticed it, you noticed something which is used for creating good energy.

Sandalwood is not the only material that has many colour variations.

gray concrete statue of a man

2) Size of the Buddha Statue :               

The size of the statue plays a very important role in determining its price and authenticity because big statues are usually made by hand and take more time to get completed. This means that handmade sitting buddha under 20 inches (height) will be cheaper than a bigger one.

There are exceptions to this rule though; sometimes sellers prefer selling smaller buddha statues with expensive materials such as gold or silver-plated products etc. So if you find a sitting buddha on eBay or Amazon and the price is very low, you will get scammed. In some cases, people try to fool others by selling handmade buddha as machine-produced ones because there are no significant visual differences between them.

3) Buddha Weight:                           

To calculate your product weight on a webshop (e-commerce), you need to check 2 things:

  1. a) The size of the Sitting buddha  (height, width, thickness). You can measure these values with a ruler or simply ask the seller if the weight of the statue includes packing/packaging materials.
  2. b) Material used for making the statue. Some materials have more weight than others. For example, stone products are heavier than Terracotta ones etc.

If you decide to buy a sitting buddha on eBay or Amazon, make sure that the weight is included in total costs (shipping costs + buyer protection). I would recommend you to use the best shipping method because it covers your product 100%.

4) Authenticity of your handmade Buddha Statue:                       

When buying a handmade sitting buddha on eBay or amazon always check the seller’s profile and see if he has high feedback score from his previous customers. Only deal with experienced sellers!

In case there isn’t much information about the seller available, ask him/her if they have an official document about their company/business such as website, company’s logo etc. 

You can also ask them about the material used for making your buddha statue, sometimes sellers can provide you with certificates for their products.

These are 4 basic steps that will help you in protecting against getting scammed when buying buddha statues on eBay or Amazon. If however, despite all the information provided, you still feel that something is not right, just don’t buy it! 

It doesn’t matter how good the price/deal seems to be; if there is even the smallest chance of getting scammed, do not risk it! Some people say: “it’s only $40” but if you lose $40 and get scam instead of real handmade product, you lost much more than $40.                          

Don’t be afraid to ask the seller about his product details before ordering, this will help you in protecting against getting scammed!

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