Are Tree Services Still Relevant?

People used to cut their trees down, but not anymore. They have been hiring tree services to do it for decades now. But is this trend still relevant in the 21st century?

It is! The benefits of a professional tree service outweigh the cost and time you would save yourself by chopping your tree down. So let’s take a look at some reasons why people still hire professionals to cut down their trees:

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#1 – It’s dangerous work

It might be fun to chop off someone else’s limbs as an extra source of income or adrenaline rush, but unless you are well trained and know what you’re doing with an axe, chainsaw or any other cutting tool, don’t even think about doing it yourself.

Not only will you put yourself at risk – cutting a tree can be very dangerous – but also the people around you. In case something unexpected happens, this could create a tragedy that ruins not just your life but also those of other members of your family and social circle.

#2 – Tree services have all the equipment needed

In case you do decide to take on this challenge by yourself, have fun spending hours trying to find the right tools for the job! Chances are that if you love chopping off trees on your own, then you would prefer it to be done with minimal effort.

Unfortunately, unless you already own professional-grade massive machinery like chainsaws or tree-cutters which are often expensive and difficult to operate, you will not be able to do this job by yourself. But even if you do own such tools, you would still need a truck and additional equipment to carry out the task of cutting down trees properly. This is where tree services come in.

#3 – Tree services are insured

If you hire a tree service with all the necessary insurance cover for their employees, then at least your home or property will be safe from any accidents that might happen on-site. A trained worker may know how to handle dangerous machinery like chainsaws effectively enough to avoid an accident, but if he slips up – which can easily happen due to tiredness or lack of concentration – there’s no telling what can happen.

The last thing you want is to be held responsible for the health of a worker who gets injured on your property, so make sure you ask whether they are insured or not.

#4 – Tree services are experienced

Being around massive machinery every day gives professionals the necessary experience to know how to use these tools properly and how to avoid danger. Even though cars are much more dangerous than chainsaws, because you’re used to thinking about risks associated with them all the time, you might underestimate this danger until something bad happens.

A tree service employee will have perfected his technique for cutting down trees over many years of practice, which means he can probably cut yours down in just a few minutes without even breaking a sweat!

#5 – Tiredness

Professional tree services employees are likely to be a lot more experienced and skilled at their job than you are. Because of this, every time they do it, there is a significant chance that they will finish the job much earlier than anticipated. Does this mean that they will have extra time on their hands which they need to kill somehow – what better way to spend some free hours than by taking down another tree?

#6 – Tree services have insurance

But don’t worry! Even if a worker does get injured for some reason on your property, as long as he is insured – which most companies are these days – his employer can take full responsibility for paying for any medical bills or loss of earnings resulting from the injury.

So even though it might seem like a good idea to save on the services of tree service and cut down your trees, if anything goes wrong that can cost you more than it would have been for you to hire professionals in the first place.

In conclusion, even though many people might feel tempted to cut their trees without hiring any outside help, especially when they are simply pruning branches off of an existing tree or trying to clear some excess brush from around their property – which is also something that a tree service can do for you if necessary.

The fact remains that even these seemingly simple jobs require specialized tools and knowledge to be done safely and properly. It is best just not to take any unnecessary risks, and simply hire a tree service from the start.


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