Five Things Your Boss Needs To Know About Male Stripper

If you’re like most people, then the first images that pop into your head when someone mentions strippers are sexy women who shake their money-makers on stage. While there’s certainly nothing wrong with this image, it does represent only about half of what male strip clubs offer.

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Believe it or not, men may make up the majority of the strip club industry (in terms of numbers). But these days they can still be subject to many age-old stigmas and stereotypes. Male stripper jobs aren’t all musclebound meatheads who just want an excuse to take their shirts off in front of a crowd for money – but even if some are, that doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with it!

In fact, despite being often referred to as a ‘gay’ industry, the majority of dancers identify as heterosexual. The reason many men enter this line of work is that it provides them with an opportunity to express their sexuality in a way that is safe and healthy both for themselves and potential partners. Male strip clubs can be one of the most inclusive places you’ll find; gay, straight, bisexual or transsexual – everyone’s welcome (and encouraged) to enjoy!

  1. How To Handle It

Because male strippers jobs are traditionally associated with women, some people may assume they’re only hired by females. This isn’t true! Many clients who visit male strip clubs are men (straight or otherwise) who want to spice up bachelor/ette parties, birthdays or just have a special night out.

Although most men who work as strippers do so only part-time (as the primary focus of their jobs), you should still be welcoming and respectful of them. Just because they’re not always shaking their money-makers on stage doesn’t mean they don’t deserve your courtesy!

And that’s all there is to it! As long as an employer keeps these five things in mind, then he or she will hopefully never make any mistakes related to hiring male dancers again. Of course, there are exceptions to every rule, but if one follows these guidelines it will go a long way toward creating an open and inviting environment for both workers and customers alike.

  1. The Rules

It’s also important to note that the rules for hiring male strippers are often different from those of hiring females. For example, many clubs have a ‘no touching’ policy – meaning that customers aren’t allowed to touch dancers during their sets. However, some dancers choose to perform private dances where they can be touched by clients (and this is usually an extra charge).

  1. Age Requirements

Finally, there are some specific age requirements for male strip club employees too. These are less common than with female clubs, but it is still possible so one should always check first before hiring anyone under the legal age of 18 years old. A club could potentially lose its license or face other legal problems if they hire someone underage.

  1. What It Costs

Any good business knows that they need to charge money for the services they provide. This is also true of male strip clubs, although clients will often pay more for private dances than they would for entry fees or drinks.

Club employees are usually allowed to keep their earnings (as long as they meet certain requirements), so dancers might work for free if they choose this option. But even then, one should still be charging enough to cover overhead costs and any other relevant expenses.

  1. Hiring Process

Finally, male strip clubs may require different hiring processes than women-only establishments do. Sometimes it’s possible to hire on-the-spot (at least after an initial interview), while other clubs may have a multi-step process.

Employees may be required to attend training sessions before being allowed to perform in public, for example, or their behaviour could be monitored more closely if they wish to work at certain venues. In any case, it’s important to note that male employees will usually need an adult entertainment license which can also add up depending on what type of job they’re doing and where it is located.

Overall, hiring male dancers doesn’t need to be difficult – even when you’re doing business in a female-dominated industry like strip clubs! By keeping the five things above in mind (and researching any specific rules and regulations), one should hopefully never make any mistakes hiring men for this type of employment.

As long as you keep these simple rules in mind, then your company will hopefully never again confuse male and female strippers nor hire an employee who’s not of legal age! It may take a little extra effort at first to get it right, but it will be worth the effort in terms of professionalism and corporate image.

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