Types Of Waiters To Avoid

There are many waiters out there who display common waitering faux pas. Here is a list of what you should not do when waitering so that waiters will have a better chance of gaining positive reviews from customers.

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1) Talking to other waiters while at work

One common waitering mistake that servers in restaurants make is chit-chatting with their waitrons during the time they’re in service. Of course, this may be done in a conversational tone or behind customers’ backs but customers would still love it if waiters remain focused on them when they order and when they ask for something from waitrons instead of engaging in small talk with the people next to them.  Some restaurants prohibit waiters from talking to waiters during their shifts.

2) Appearing lazy

Some waiters seem to be too laid back and it may not sit well with customers. For example, waiters who slowly walk to the table of customers or waiters who yawn excessively while they wait on tables tend to give off a feeling that they’re too lazy and uninterested at work.

Customers might feel as though waitrons aren’t trying hard enough which is why waitrons should appear energetic and attentive at all times – whether they’re having a busy shift or a slow one.  Come time for tipping, don’t expect any big tips from those customers if waiters display such behaviour during their service!

3) Replying rude when asked questions by customers

Customers feel that waiters are approachable when waiters reply to their questions politely and with patience. One common waitering mistake waitrons make is replying rudely to customers’ questions especially if waitrons don’t know how to answer or if waitrons didn’t hear the question properly because they were too busy conversing with other waiters.  When waitrons act this way, customers might be discouraged from asking waiters for help or recommendations so waiters should take note of the tone they use in their replies whenever a customer speaks to them.

4) Forgetting about orders

One of the worst waitering mistakes is forgetting about a customer’s order – this not only annoys a customer but also affects review rankings negatively as waiters may get negative reviews due to waitrons who forgot about what they ordered. Customers feel discouraged from placing more orders if waiters forget about their previous ones so waiters should remember every customer’s order to keep them satisfied.

5) Being too aggressive with customers

Some waiters are overly zealous in the way they wait on tables which is why some customers don’t like it when waitrons get too close or touch them during service. Some waiters also act aggressively towards customers by snapping at them or saying things which come across as condescending for no reason – things like asking “Are you ready?” before taking a customer’s order, abruptly demanding that a customer follow waitron instructions and choosing rude words over “please” and “thank you”. 

Customers feel uncomfortable waitering waitrons who behave this way so waiters should be outspoken but not overly aggressive if they want positive reviews.

6) Asking for a review before service is over

It’s waitering best practice to refrain from asking for customer ratings or reviews until after the waitron has finished their dining experience – waitrons may get negative feedback if customers aren’t comfortable with being asked about their opinion of waitrons while they’re still eating. Customers may also rate waitrons poorly if waiters push too hard for them to do so which can cause them to give waitrons unfavourable scores even when they had good service during the actual dining experience itself.

7) Not giving out straws when requested

Some waiters wait to be asked for straws before handing them out – this waitering mistake is known as “not listening”.  Waitingrons may be frustrated when waiters do this since they waste seconds of their time asking waitrons for something waitrons could’ve just given waitron in the first place. Customers feel that waiters don’t care about their needs and concerns by not listening so waiters should pay attention to what customers want and need whenever possible, especially when it comes to providing basic amenities like straws.

8) Not bothering to refill drinks

If a customer’s glass or drink is empty after meal consumption, waiters should ask if they’d like another one instead of letting them go thirsty – some customers don’t realize waitrons aren’t waitering to them by refilling their drinks automatically, especially when waiters are busy attending to other tables. Waiters should ask waitrons if they want refills because waiters don’t wait on waitrons who expect waitrons to provide everything without being asked first

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