H-2B Visa – How Long Does It Take to Get One?

h2b visa

The Vanhack – h2b visa nonimmigrants program allows employers to hire foreign professionals to come to the United States temporarily to work nonagriculture, contract works or seasonal labor or on a seasonal, peak-load, or intermittent basis. The H-1B visa is the most common visa type for skilled workers. The United States government encourages the businesses of the nation to hire these workers when available, but they have to advertise to get the desired population of workers. For businesses that do not advertise this option, they may have a difficult time getting an applicant to fill out their employment forms.


To hire the foreign professionals, businesses are required to submit documents to the United States consuls at the port of entry that will certify that the worker is from the country, and they need to be employed legally in the United States under the appropriate visa category. These documents will include the required proof of employment (such as a certified copy of a pay slip from the foreign worker’s previous place of employment that can be obtained from the Worker’s Compensation Department), and the necessary certification from the worker, such as a passport or a visa number from their native country. The other important requirement is that the paperwork submitted to the US consuls must include an employment authorization form that provides proof of the worker’s eligibility for the h2b visa.


After submitting the necessary paperwork to the United States immigration authorities, or after receiving an application for the H-1B Visa, a business will receive an employment authorization which contains a submission of the visa request to the department that controls the foreign worker’s status. Once the visa has been approved, the worker will be able to start obtaining work permits, which he or she is required to carry with them at all times. To complete the approval process for the H-2B Visa, or to obtain an additional H-1B Visa, a business will need to file another petition, this time with the United States Department of Labor, which will take longer but will result in a higher chance for approval. If either the initial filing for the visa or the second petition for an extension of stay is denied, a third request for an extension must be submitted to coincide with the next calendar year’s application.

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