Your Guide To Planning The Ultimate Hen Party

What Does It Require To Prepare A Hen Party?

Whether it’s your very first time or you’re simply after a little inspiration (sans strippers and raunchiness), there’s constantly that included pressure to throw an unforgettable hen party, but it’s not as easy as it looks.

Expectations are always high and whilst a couple of brides will choose to organize the hen party themselves, trust me, you are much better off handing it over to your bestie or bridesmaids. You’re the doting bride-to-be, after all, it’s your time to unwind and focus on that huge wedding.

Do not fret, we’re going to help you get arranged with these extremely simple hen party preparation tips.

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Conserve The Date

Choose a day or weekend at least a week before the wedding event and do not, under any circumstances, hold the hen night the night before the wedding day. Strategy well in advance so that you can increase the numbers who can participate in and remember this is the bride’s huge night so ensure all her buddies can be there.

Money Talk

Make sure you set a practical budget for your girlies while maintaining the feel of making a special effort for the bride-to-be. This only leads to animosity when you discover that the particular friend simply sprinkled out on brand-new shoes! And do not leave it up to the bride-to-be to gather the cash– this needs to be a task for the chief bridesmaid, too.

Determine A Theme

This could be anything you like, and it can be personalized to match your group of good friends!

Some people hear ‘theme’ and run a mile. You can be as loose or as all-out with this as you like. Bear with us … Maybe the bride is a total Potter-head, you could get stuck in and plan the supreme Harry Potter when complete with chocolate frogs, sugar wands, and witchy props.

A vintage tea party style hen would be best for spring. Think summer garden party atmosphere with classic dishware, tea and scones.

The Home Entertainment

When you’ve picked a style, it ought to seem a little easier to narrow down the rest. There’s nothing wrong with dinner and a night out on the town. Merely book a table at the bride-to-be’s preferred dining establishment and a VIP booth at the most popular club in town.

Nevertheless, thinking outside the box causes a whole host of enjoyable alternatives guaranteeing a hen do to bear in mind.

Cocktail making is a fun yet easy alternative with the minimum organisation required. It also coincides nicely with an evening of dancing!

A health club day is constantly an outstanding concept, best for overwhelmed brides-to-be who might do with a little pre-wedding relaxation. Likewise, day spa sessions are truly inclusive as all loved ones’ members, old and young alike, can join in.

It’s All In The Detail!

Organising the venue, food and activities are the structures of any hen party– however as soon as these things are in location, the enjoyable can start! It might be humorous pictures of best-forgotten hairdos and ill-advised outfits, hidden inside balloons that the bride must pop every time she discusses her bride-to-be’s name. Whatever it is, these INDIVIDUAL touches are the things that the bride-to-be will remember long after the party has ended up.

Go With The Flow!

Once the plans have been laid, the decorations have been done, and the hens start to show up, now is the time to let your hair down and enjoy the celebration! You have striven to pull it all off and the best thing you can do for the bride-to-be now is have an incredible time! Maybe not whatever will run perfectly to plan as you would want, but keep in mind– the people are more important than the strategy! Go with the flow and ENJOY IT!


Generally, the bride gets all her family products at her Bridal Shower, then, the couple gets all the rest of their household items, handmade presents, and monetary presents at their wedding event. At Hen’s Night, the gift provided is generally gags or symbolic of the females in attendance.

Hen’s Night presents typically fall under two categories: naughty or good (naturally).

The “good” generally consists of something sweet and/ or nostalgic, like an album signed by all of the hens or photos of the hens with the bride at numerous phases of her life.

“Naughty” gifts, on the other hand, are normally intended to shock (and then likely used by the bride-to-be with her hubby-to-be. DO NOT let any prudish reactions or vehement protestations deceive you.) These are usually products such as naughty underwear, handcuffs, bedazzled whips, etc

. Hen’s Night likewise calls for some distinct accessories like a sash and tiara for the bride-to-be, customized hen’s tee shirt, plume boas, or tutus, and other silly items that designate the wife-to-be from her bridesmaids or demarcate the single ladies from the coupled ones.

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