Guide 101: Choosing A Men’s Wedding Ring

Selecting a guys wedding event ring may be less difficult than picking an engagement ring, however, it can still be quite darn challenging, specifically if you’re a guy of design. And while we can’t always give recommendations on men’s wedding ring recommendations (you understand, because we don’t know you), we can use a general guide on where to purchase a men’s wedding ring, hopefully sending you down the right path. Please check out for everything there is to know about buying a guys wedding ring and check out Guitar String Rings and other ring types, I loved this site so I am sharing this with you!

Picking A Men’s Wedding Event Ring Width

As you’re most likely to know, rings provide all sorts of numerous widths, and men’s wedding rings are no exception. For the sake of simpleness, we’ll boil width to slim (4mm), medium (6mm) or broad (8mm) styles. That is, do you want a slimmer ring, a medium width ring, or a larger ring? Before answering, you ought to know that many men pick bands that are at least 4mm large, that broader rings generally cost more, and that bigger or longer fingers normally go much better with wider rings. 

Of course, ultimately it’s up to you what looks best on your finger, and you’ll want to try out a few rings of different widths to see how they feel and look. If you currently know the width you desire and seem like buying your ring online, Merely peruse their brochure and utilize the filter at the top to find the width you’re trying to find. The website likewise uses a 60-day change of mind assurance, just in case you discover that perhaps a slimmer or wider band was the way to go.

Figure Out Your Budget

Getting married does not come cheap, which is why it is necessary to work out your budget when it concerns choosing your and your fiance’s wedding event rings. You can either pick to purchase your wedding rings in a set and have similar styles or have various among your choice. We likewise recommend including 10% onto your budget to cover expenses you may not have catered for.

Find Out Your Ring Size

Everyone is different, so don’t be amazed to discover that your fiance’s ring size is different from yours. After you’ve chosen how much you’re going to invest in the wedding event bands, it’s time to learn your ring size. Before choosing metal or style, you must get your ring size – it will save the heartbreak of finding a ring you like and realising it does not fit. You can learn your ring size by utilizing our Ring Sizer guide here.

When it comes to measuring your ring size, we recommend doing it when your hands are at a mild temperature. This is because heat triggers fingers to inflate, and the cold makes fingers slimmer – this implies you might end up buying a ring that’s too small for you!

Rather a lot of guys find that they determine up between 2 sizes, so we recommend selecting the larger size for comfort, simply to guarantee that you’ll be comfortable, specifically if you’re opting for a larger band. It’s time to look at other aspects as soon as you’ve identified your ring size and budget!

Picking The Metal

In the past, you had simply a few metal options for your wedding event ring– gold, silver or platinum. Today, there are a variety of metals that have actually joined this category. While this offers you a lot more options, it also makes it very hard to pick the ideal one. Here are the typical metal types you’ll come across in your wedding band search:

  • Platinum– Unusual, tough and shiny, platinum is amongst the most pricey and prestigious metals utilized in precious jewellery.
  • Yellow Gold– Yellow gold is the traditional option for wedding bands. Gold is hypoallergenic, prestigious and durable.
  • White Gold – White gold is popular and among the leading choices for wedding event bands today
  • Rose Gold – Rose gold, which is increasingly utilized in males’ wedding rings, has a stunning rosy-champagne colour which is very various and attractive.
  • Palladium— This is a reasonably new metal that is categorized as a rare-earth element. Palladium becomes part of the platinum family and is similar in appearance and resilience to platinum.
  • Titanium– Exceptionally strong, long-lasting and lightweight, titanium is an excellent choice for a go-getter.

Gem Or Plain Wedding Event Rings?

With the remarkable scope of wedding bands available for guys, one of the concept contemplations during the purchasing treatment is to either pick a gem or plain wedding band.

Gem Wedding Event Ring

It’s getting progressively mainstream for men to wear wedding bands with jewels as opposed to choosing a plain and inconspicuous structure, as the gem elective looks exceptionally polished and produces a really attractive piece.

Plain Wedding Event Ring

The terrific wedding event ring configuration will without a doubt be amongst us for a substantial length of time to come and the interest for this design hasn’t lost prominence among guys, as many guys need a ring that is oversimplified and isn’t too unreasonable.


You’ll want to acquire wedding bands at least 2 months before the ceremony. This permits time for you to get the rings and make any exchanges if needed.


Do you work or pastime that could potentially damage your ring? Invest a lot of time working or lifting heavy weights with tools? You might want a more long-lasting ring. The most durable valuable ring types are platinum and palladium.


One aspect lots of grooms do not consider until after the purchase is the weight of their band. Some males choose a much heavier ring, as they like the solidity. Others want their ring to be as light as possible! If you desire a heavy band, you might wish to think about platinum. This is since platinum is an exceptionally dense metal– and it feels terrific on! If you prefer a lighter band, gold and palladium are your tickets.


You’ve chosen metal for the wedding event band, but how will you complete it? Though ladies’ engagement rings and wedding event rings tend to utilize the exact same finish, men’s wedding bands have a range of options to fit your design.

  • High polish. The most popular finish for wedding bands, high polish offers the ring a reflective, shiny surface area. It creates an attractive and striking look, however, some polished metals (like white gold) can be vulnerable to scratching.
  • Matte. A matte surface produces a flat appearance that isn’t reflective or shiny.
  • Satin. A satin surface on guys’ wedding event band styles resembles high polish in that it gives the ring a glossy and smooth appearance. It does not show light, cutting down on the flashiness for those men who do not desire to draw too much attention to their rings.
  • Brush/Cross Satin. Like the satin finish, a brush or cross surface does not have the flashiness of a high polish finish. This particular surface is not shiny, however, it does have a textured look. The general look of this cross-hatch surface looks like it was produced with a wire brush, making it a distinct choice for a wedding band.

Desire a ring with a little grit to it? The strategy utilizes an abrasive to create a “rough” appearance to the ring– and there’s definitely no shine or reflection on it at all.

Final Thoughts On Male’s Wedding Event Bands

Choosing a men’s wedding band should be a lot of enjoyable! Really try to pick a ring that compliments your personality and relationship as soon as you have actually got your budget plan chosen.

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