Wire Strippers: Here’s Everything You Need To Know

What Are Wire Strippers Used For?

A wire stripper is a little, hand-held gadget utilized to remove the electrical insulation from electrical wires.

Can You Strip Wire With Pliers?

Tools Not Suggested. A knife or linesman pliers would also strip the wires, they likewise may harm the copper wire by nicking the copper or cutting into it. Nicked wires can cause overheating of wires and eventually could trigger an electrical fire in your home.

Prior to you can actually remove electrical wires, you’ll need one of two tools to get rid of the insulation from the copper wire. The first tool is a wire stripping tool. It has cut off blades and numerous forms removing holes (notches) on each half of the tool. These holes have the different sized wires noted for you. If you’re stripping # 12 wire, you’ll utilize the # 12 hole. It will cut the insulation off of the wire without damaging the copper wire.

A mixed tool is the other choice for removing the wires. It likewise is a wire-stripping tool, but it likewise has a wire terminal crimper. When making that type of connection, this permits you to crimp terminals on the ends of the wire. For Best Wire Strippers: The Top 8 Picks of 2020, click the link.

Tools Not Advised

Although a knife or linesman pliers would likewise remove the wires, they also might damage the copper wire by cutting or nicking the copper into it. Nicked wires can cause overheating of wires and ultimately might trigger an electrical fire in your home.

How To Strip The Wires?

By merely squeezing the deals with about 3/4″ from completion of the wire and then twisting it slightly the insulation will be cut free. Then by pulling the wire strippers towards the end of the wire, the insulation must slide straight off of the copper wire.

Can You Burn Copper Wire To Strip It?

Various Scrap Wire Stripping Solutions:

NO BURNING: Most importantly, we want to reiterate that you must NEVER EVER under any situations “burn” your copper wire to remove the insulation. Not only does it harm the environment from the fumes, however, but it will also downgrade your copper at the scrap yard.

Did You Understand?

A wire stripper can help you repair anything, from an extension cable to an iPhone battery charger. It makes the process of changing an outlet or light fixture simple, effective, and safe.

A wire stripper is a distinct tool not to be puzzled with a wire cutter, though numerous great wire-stripping tools likewise have a wire cutter built-in.

Wire Strippers

Wire strippers are a hand-held tool also referred to as cable strippers which are developed to remove insulation or external sheath from electrical wires. There are numerous types readily available from stripping the cable to cutting copper and conduit. Each is made with high-quality parts to produce the very best wire stripper tool for your application, and to understand Insulation Resistance Testing, click here.

Why Would You Need Wire Strippers?

Wire strippers are a vital tool for any electrical expert or mechanical engineer. Wire strippers develop a tidy and cool cut to reveal wires, all set to be soldered or have a connector attached.

Kinds Of Wire Strippers?

Adjustable stripper – self-adjusting stripper with the ability to crimp, strip and snip wires. Produces safe ring-of-cut for external and inner insulation on all types of flexible cable.

Pistol wire stripper – Wire stripper with a self-adjusting blade, compound removing action plus it grips and strips in on the motion.

Automatic wire stripper – Strips and cuts insulation from a variety of wire sizes in one operation.

Who Would Utilize A Wire Stripper?

Wire strippers are mostly utilized by mechanics or electricians but are similar in the house in any DIY tool kit.


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