Helpful Tips in Organizing Your Garage


I think you can agree that a garage is an often neglected part of the home that can be put to better use with just a little bit of attention. The garage is one of those areas in our homes that we often put off when it comes to tackling it as an organization task. It can be quite daunting because, for most of us, the garage tends to end up being a repository for all the things we don’t want in the house anymore and it quickly adds up. Here are some tips for how to organize your garage whether you are getting it back to being organized or trying to keep it organized.

Pick Your Process

Tackling a space like a garage may seem daunting. So, it’s important to first figure out the best way to get the job done. One of the ways in organizing your garage is to do the easiest things first, like gathering up recyclables, or tagging items you can donate, or bring to the dump. Then, you can empty the entire garage out and build it back up, piece-by-piece. It might take a day or two or even a few weekends, so do your best to restore order at the end of each session. If you can leave everything outside on the driveway, or lawn, just cover them up with a tarp at night to fend off on-lookers and springtime rain. If that seems too intense, you can pick a small section that’s bothering you most and begin there. You should try to detach from feeling guilty that you’ve let the garage get to this point and lead with the mindset of just getting started. Once you’ve tackled a hard area, the rest will be cake. Set another block of time for the following week and keep going in those short spurts until it’s done.

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Use Overhead Space Wisely

The garage ceiling is a great spot for hanging long, flat stuff you don’t use every day, such as ladders and seasonal sports gear. Make sure that any shelves that you hang from the ceiling don’t interfere with your garage door’s operation, and that there is enough clearance to avoid scraping the roof off of your car.

Everything Has It’s Place

That brings us to the next concept, which is “everything has a place.” In short, there should be a place for everything so you never have to wonder where to find it when you need it, or where to put it when you’re done with it. When you use an item from your garage, if you don’t know where it should go, then you probably will just put it anywhere, which will start to create a mess all over again.

To remedy this, you need to have a place for everything. Your tools should have a toolbox, or perhaps a spot on your pegboard wall. Your garden rake, or shovel, should have a hook to hang on the wall. Your cleaning supplies and other liquids should have a shelf or cabinet to go into.

There are several options such as:

  • Wall hooks
  • Pegboards
  • Wall shelves
  • Drawers
  • Cabinets
  • Tool boxes
  • Overhead storage racks
  • Bins for smaller items

It really is possible to organize a garage, but sometimes it could require just a little bit of creative planning. A lot of garage organization can even be built yourself if you’re a hands-on DIY kind of person – you can find a lot of great ideas out there on Pinterest for example. But if you’re just looking for a quick and easy solution, there’s also a lot of great accessories that you can purchase right away that can instantly handle whatever organization problem you might have. For example, you can visit this website for your garage shelves and baskets.

We sincerely hope we have provided you with useful tips on how you can organize your garage. Let us know if you think there’s anything we missed! Please share with any friends that you think would enjoy some helpful ideas on organizing their garage.

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