Ultimate Wedding Dress Care

Ultimate Wedding Dress Care

You fell in love with the perfect, beautiful white bridal gown and put down your deposit for the purchase. Very soon, you will have this lovely gown to become your measurements and take it home. It will remain there till your wedding day when you finally get the chance to show it off and be a gorgeous bride. All this seems easier stated than done!

White wedding dresses with their heavy fabric layers and elaborate decorations are prone to various types of damage. You may never use your wedding dress again, cleaning and maintaining it after your wedding is essential so that brides can treasure their memories.

Wedding dresses are made with special products that are extremely delicate, and if not appropriately dealt with, can cause stretching, yellowing and fraying. Don’t let the hours and hours you invested wedding-dress shopping (or the journeys back to the shop for modifications) go to waste. Rather, learn how to best protect your dress.

woman wearing white wedding dress holding flower bouquet

Dry Clean

The first action in wedding dress preservation is to have your dress dry cleaned within 24-48 hours of your wedding day with the help of My Dress Box. Having your dress professionally dry cleaned up is the best assurance that all spots and oils from the wedding day are removed.

Care Kits

After your dress has actually been expertly dry cleaned, it is essential to appropriately store the dress with the best products. If they have acid-free boxes and acid-free tissue paper for purchase for you to keep your gown in, ask your local dry cleaners. If not, you might wish to think about a care or conservation set. Care kits may seem expensive, they make up for their high expenses with increased benefit. No-hassle choices, such as mail-in cleaning (carried out by a trained preservationist, instead of a dry cleaner) are especially attractive to the bride-to-be who desires just the best for her gown. Wedding event dress preservation set boxes are implied to never be opened unless you’re willing to pay the price of re-sealing the box. Furthermore, if your dry cleaner does not use acid-free materials for keeping your bridal gown, look at boxing business where you might be able to buy a box made with a fitted lid that will protect from dust, wetness and other ecological aspects. The key to saving your own wedding dress is to buy beautiful packaging, in addition, to wrapping the dress in acid-free tissue paper, paying special attention to locations in between the sleeves and any other crevices to prevent friction.



Store the Bridal Gown in a Cool, Dark Location

Once the wedding dress has been appropriately cleaned up, it’s time to save it. Secure your gown from direct sunlight, which can quickly fade and turn the gown yellow. Plastic like that holds moisture and can possibly stain a wedding gown.


Control the environment

Your dress must generally be kept in the exact same temperature/environment that you would find comfy (no, this does not indicate that your gown must take a trip to Vegas with you for your bachelorette celebration!) Attics and basements generally are not the very best locations for storage, as the air might be moist and mouldy. Attempt to keep your dress in a spare room or bedroom where the temperature and humidity will not vary and the gown can remain out of direct sunshine.

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