What is ozone therapy and the real benefits of ozone therapy?

It is important that one knows the difference between, what is ozone therapy and ozone generators before they decide which treatment they will use. They can be very dangerous. It is also important to make sure that ozone generators are used under the direction of a licensed and registered physician. Ozone generators can be very dangerous if they are not properly handled. The ozone generators can be dangerous if used improperly.

What is ozone therapy – Oxygen therapy makes cancer survivor feel like dancing again

There are some doctors who say that ozone therapy does not have any side effects. However, most doctors recommend that it is not used on the skin because it can be very harmful to the skin. Ozone therapy has been approved by the FDA because it is an alternative form of medicine. It is considered an alternative form of therapy. However, it is not approved by the FDA. The reason for this is because of the ozone generators that are sold without a prescription.

Some doctors do not use ozone therapy because they believe that ozone therapy will cause a lot of pain to the patient. There is some truth to this because ozone therapy can cause a lot of pain in the process of healing the skin. Ozone therapy can cause a lot of pain.

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