Custom build gaming PC

The principle focal point of your motherboard is basically to be the skeleton on which you hang all your delicious, substantial segments. The more futureproofing you can do with this skeleton, the more remarkable your PC can become when you choose to overhaul a few sections. Once more, the decision of CPU and GPU directs the decision here, the case you need to fit them inside will likewise play a job. We’ll let you settle on the decision there, for reasons we’ll clarify, however on the off chance that you decide on littler ITX cases, you’ll have to ensure the motherboard fits.

Consider what you need: a smooth, dim model produced using brushed metal and with treated glass, or a boisterous fenced in area stuffed with RGB LEDs?
You’ll generally have the option to discover something to suit your preferences, however make sure to watch that your case has a control box on the off chance that you’d prefer to include increasingly synchronized RGB LED fans – in light of the fact that your motherboard might not have enough associations.
Watch that the case has the front ports you need, and that it has enough space for your illustrations card and CPU cooler. Look at whether it has enough 120mm, 140mm or 200mm fan mounts for your cooling gear, and if there’s sufficient space for 2.5in SSDs and 3.5in hard plates.


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