Best Stroller to Choose from

The new Joovy Ultralight Caboose is the lightest, easiest-to-use double stroller that your money can buy. The first thing that got our attention was its weight… 21 lbs. We found that because of its lightweight design, it was super easy to steer with one hand. This comes in handy when your infant inevitably wants to be held for awhile but you still have to deal with the stroller.


Best Stroller to Choose from

The front seat on this stroller is big and comfortable, and it will recline to three different positions. Even when the front seat is reclined in its lowest position, your toddler can still stand on the rear platform. The patented Stand-On Tandem design lets your toddler choose between walking, standing, or sitting on the stroller. Its easy for them to get up in the stroller and our toddler could easily come up and climb in while the stroller was still moving. He also got out extremely fast when he wanted to as well.

The Ultralight Caboose also has a larger storage basket than the previous model did. It easily held the diaper bag, purse, and some of the kids’ favorite toys.

This stroller is the best-selling, highest-rated double stroller that we’ve come across, and after testing it, we can see why.

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